"Sole-utions for Every Foot Dilemma!"

Your feet take a tremendous beating everyday. They hit the ground up to 7,000 times a day bearing one and a half to five times your bodyweight. Although the foot is wondrous in design and function, the foot can be struck by various ailments and deformities. This is because some foot problems may be life-threatening. Podiatrists are often the first healthcare professional to diagnose these disorders. Many serious illnesses such as diabetes, poor circulation and arthritic problems may first be detected in the foot.


How we treat our patients
We take a three step approach to treatment: 

1) Evaluate and attempt to provide immediate relief (based on diagnosis and treatment options) 

2) Educate patient on cause of problem and ways to prevent reoccurrence, and finally
3) Provide treatment/surgery as necessary


There is always a personal touch to our service. We listen. Our staff deals with patients directly — an answering service is never used. The doctor is also available to answer patient questions and concerns.


For your convenience, we offer in-office services including custom orthotics, temporary orthotics, diabetic shoes, vascular testing, X-Rays, laser treatment and in-office surgery.

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